All about us

All about Jump

Jump was formed four years ago and now has three dedicated indoor soft play centres in Bristol, Cardiff and Plymouth. We believe they’re the best of their kind in the country. We could not be more proud of the facilities we provide, and we also think we have the friendliest, most accessible and most motivated staff.

Meet the Managers,

Plymouth: Laura Collicott

All our managers and supervisors have come up through the company. They have the best understanding of the business and are an integral part of our culture.

Bristol: Cirsty Thorne

As managers, our team is so important to us. We are nothing without the team around us and honestly you couldn’t find a better or more committed bunch of people.

Cardiff: Naomi Haighes

Working for Jump can be intense, but it’s also great fun, and no two days are the same. Everyone is so committed to customer service that it’s a surprise if somebody takes a day off!